Birthing a sustainable future

As one of Africa’s largest providers of fertiliser,
Dangote Fertiliser is set to add  value to every
community and household from farm to food.

About Dangote Fertiliser

Dangote Fertiliser Limited is a $2.5 Billion complex sited on 500 hectares of land in Ibeju Lekki,  Lagos State, Nigeria. It is the largest granulated urea fertiliser complex in Africa with an annual production capacity of 3 million metric tonnes.

Dangote Fertiliser is here  to support farmers crops by providing accurate assessment of the soil’s fertility to recommend the right dose of fertiliser for better yield.

Putting food on every table

Everyone deserves  quality food. 

Our commitment to providing your basic needs has become clearer with the construction of our fertiliser plant.  Dangote Fertiliser Limited will help ensure meals consumed are nutritious by ensuring crops are cultivated by our  premium quality fertiliser.

Our Aggressive Agricultural Expansion

Our manufacturing plant has been equipped with optimal infrastructure to produce the best type of fertiliser that ensures that your harvest is bountiful and satisfying to consume. We are preparing to stimulate demand for fertiliser by investing in the construction of NPK Plant and warehouses.