Our Products

Our fertilisers  are aimed at stemming the problem of low per hectare fertiliser usage in Nigeria. We are targeting timely availability and affordable price, the biggest challenges for farmers and their agricultural fields.

Why Dangote Fertiliser?

  • Dangote Urea matches International Quality standards.
  • Premium quality product from the latest technology
  • Spreads evenly on broadcasting in the field
  • Higher Nitrogen use efficiency – slow Nitrogen releasing quality gives long term benefit to crops.
  • Quick response for crop growth and development
  • Bumper harvest with maximum returns.
  • Dangote Urea has low moisture for easy handling and application and absorbs less moisture from the environment


DFL has laid out an ambitious plan of exporting USA, Mexico, Brazil and many other countries in North America, Latin America, Europe and of course Africa.

DFL’s Bulk Urea Exports are propelled through the Dangote Quays Lekki which are in close proximity to the Plant. Ship Loader at the Dangote Jetty will ensure quick transfer of Bulk Urea in to the Vessels to ensure quick turn around of vessels.



These crop literature materials which have been extensively and thoroughly researched are agricultural initiatives of Dangote Fertiliser Limited to help farmers achieve superior results.

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