Corporate Social Responsibility

Dangote Fertiliser Limited (DFL) is committed to holistic development of its host communities and local institutions

Community Development Initiatives

Dangote Fertiliser Limited (DFL) is committed to holistic development of its host communities and local institutions, as such DFL executes comprehensive and robust community development initiatives in partnership with host communities. Some of these initiatives are also designed to mitigate project impact on these communities whilst also improving operational efficiency of DFL.

Additionally, DFL instituted a well thought out Grievance Management Process (GMP) to ensure that all project related grievances from host communities or stakeholders are effectively addressed. The GMP was communicated to communities during stakeholder engagement using local language to aid understanding.

In line with their Community Development Plan, DFL has executed some programmes to better position their communities for sustainable development. Some of these notable initiatives include –

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Initiative – Under this scheme, the Project has provided 14 functional boreholes to its host communities. They have also gone one step further by undertaking quarterly lab tests to check for water potability.

Farmers Livelihood Support Programme: Dangote Fertiliser has implemented a livelihood support programme for farmers and Project Affected Persons (PAPs) impacted by the 53km gas pipeline constructed for the Fertiliser Project. The programme which targets 150 beneficiaries aims at building capacity of farmers in innovative farming techniques, distributing adapted cassava stem cells and providing technical support to farmers to ensure proper planting practices which ultimately results in increased farming yields.

It will also build the capacities of local entrepreneurs on SME management and the income-generating potentials of cassava by-products.

Education Support Initiative: DFL embarked on this initiative to provide further support to improving educational systems in Ibeju-Lekki and Epe locality. The educational support initiative is a tripartite programme consisting of scholarship, capacity building for teachers and school infrastructure projects.

Scholarship – Scholarship is regularly awarded to students whilst some financial support is consistently provided to their parents and guardians.

Capacity building for local teachers – Teachers, principals and school administrators have been trained in 21st Century teaching techniques.

School infrastructure support – This is designed to support local schools by renovating existing structures, building new schools, donating school furniture and equipment etc. This component of the education support initiative commenced in 2021.

Under this component of the CDP, the Project also constructed a block of 6 classrooms with restroom facilities and staff rooms. This was handed over at a formal ceremony in December 2020.

Youth Development: Local youth have been trained in vocational skills, such as plumbing, masonry, welding, iron bending, auto mechanics and electrical works. The first batch of the trainees graduated in September, 2020 and some of them have been engaged by Dangote Oil Refining Company. The 2nd batch also graduated in February 2021.

Institution Building: This is aimed at building the capacities of local institutions such as the Community Development Committee (CDC), Project Implementation Committee (PIC), local leaders, youth leaders etc. on various subject areas such as stakeholder engagement, advocacy, networking, conflict resolution and negotiation, presentation skills, influx and impact of influx etc.

Project Disclosure Meetings – On a biannual basis, the company undertakes a project disclosure meeting to inform the communities on project status, impacts and mitigation strategies. Input are also sought from community stakeholders at these meetings and this information is integrated into the mitigation strategy.