Our Services

DFL offers several extension services aimed at enhancing productivity in agriculture. These services will help farmers get new and better information that will improve their farm yield and earn higher farm income.

Dangote Agricultural Services (DAS)

Planned Activities: Our priority is to support the farmers by rendering professional services, crop advisory and soil testing services to their respective villages/ towns to enhance their crop productivity.

Farmer Meetings: Group farmer meetings and individual farmer contact will be conducted on regular basis in each community to educate the farmer on good agronomic practices. Farmer meetings will help to build beneficiaries’ capacities through further training.

Farmer Training: Farmer Training will be organised in collaboration with Agricultural Scientists to train selected progressive farmers from each community. Eminent agricultural scientists will be invited as consultants/ specialists for the trainings. 

Demonstration Farm: Demonstration farm will be the showcase for the best agronomic practices in the farm in line of “Seeing is Believing”. Demonstrations will be conducted via Spot demo and Result demo. Spot demonstrations in small areas with impromptu selection by DAS team. Result demonstrations will be well-planned, starting from soil test to harvest results in presence of large number of farmers. Programmes will be organised at each demonstration.

Field Days: Two field days (green and brown) will be organised on each successful demo farm by inviting neighbouring farmers and stakeholders to see the difference between green and brownfield days.

DAS Farmer Helpline available in different popular Nigerian languages like- Hausa, Yoruba and Pidgin English.

Soil Testing Services

Soil Test Services: Adequate soil testing helps to know nutrient deficiency in order to recommend the right fertiliser dosage. Nutrient deficient soil cannot give potential yield, hence low returns on the invested agro-inputs and poor farm income.

Balance in fertiliser use will not only reduce the cost of fertiliser but also improve the yield and maximise the profit. Applying the right fertiliser to the soil will enable it yield maximum results.

The goal of our soil testing is to provide an accurate assessment of the soil’s fertility in order to recommend the right dose of fertiliser.

Our efforts are to train farmers on good agronomic practices and provide them with soil testing services.

We have established Mobile Soil Testing Lab (MSTL) and Soil Testing Labs to provide soil testing facility to farmers in remote villages also.

Mobile Soil Testing Laboratory will collect the soil samples from the doorsteps of farmers and soil test results will be provided to farmers at no cost