Building a more viable continent

Dangote  is all about creating ventures that serves the interest of stakeholders, communities and the people concerned. We believe in establishing impactful businesses that are socially responsible to cater for people’s needs.

Let's Grow Together

Our aim is to enhance productivity in agriculture, because of its effective contribution to poverty reduction through better food security and higher farm income. 

Higher farm income can alleviate poverty.

Our efforts are to train farmers on Good Agronomic Practices and provide them Soil Testing Services.

Soil testing helps to know nutrient deficiency in order to recommend the right dose of fertiliser. Nutrient deficient soil cannot give potential yield, hence low returns on the invested agro-inputs and poor farm income. 

We have Mobile Soil Testing VAN (MSTV) and Labs to provide soil testing facilities to farmers in remote villages.

The Dangote Way

In line with the standards of Dangote Fertiliser, we intend to drive impact with our fertiliser products through the following ways:

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Sustaining Returns on Investment

For a diverse group like ours, it’s essential we bolster the financial performance of our businesses using value driven techniques in keeping our strategies relevant.
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Inspiring collective growth

Our approach is to build a workforce that can drive the brand’s current and future demands and we achieve this through various capacity building initiatives.
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Achieving excellence in Governance

We are improving the perception of the brand by matching interests of the business with interest of our varied stakeholders in a way that drives goodwill.
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A place for everyone

We harmonize people from any culture or ethnicity in a way that is free of bias. Our workplace is inclusive enough to cater for every stakeholder in the most ethical way possible.
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Protecting our environment

We adopt policies and practices that improve the state of our lands, preserve the quality of our air and water, and also sustain the viability of our natural resources.
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Fostering economic prosperity

We establish efficient, world class facilities that promote industrialization, inclusiveness, and economic growth that can power our communities.
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Making progress a continuous journey

We are all about improving the quality of our product and service delivery by investing efforts into researching new trends and best practices that can be readily applicable for our people.